Fitness Tracker Data, Support for Rare & Autoimmune Diseases


The number on the scale predicts my mood each morning. The less I weigh, the happier I am. If that number goes up, I generally start my day off disappointed. I’m fighting every hour, every meal, to get rid of the weight prednisone gave me. Since it situated in my midsection, I feel 1000 times larger than I am. A nice daily reminder of how much I hate steroids! Continue reading

Treatment and Weight Gain: The Saga


I officially gained a whopping 25lbs after all my treatments from May through December. For many people, this may seem minor, for others it is shocking. I am surprised at how my body reacted to repeated increases in prednisone. The weight was not evenly distributed. It ended up sitting around my stomach, love handles, butt and thighs. For a size comparison, I went into the hospital a 4. I am now stretching a size 10! Weight issues seem to go on the back burner for rare and autoimmune disease patients, but I want to bring attention to it. Continue reading