Prednisone-Induced Hatred of My Body


Two weeks before I was hospitalized and began the fight of my life.

I admit I hate my body. I hate that it fights with itself, I hate that is destroys platelets and my joints. I hate the way I look after almost eight months of heavy steroids. I can’t fit into my clothing, I feel disgusting and I’m ashamed of what has happened because of those evil white pills. I lost every sense of my ‘healthy’ self, and the process of getting back to where I use to be is extremely slow. Continue reading

Prednisone Gift Guide

Prednisone wolf

If you’ve ever had to take Prednisone for any length of time, you will connect with what I’ve posted and tweeted about. The side effects are awful, there is really no way to avoid them and they linger long after you’ve taken your last pill. With the holidays just a few weeks away, I wanted to make a list of things that help me cope with it all. I high suggest everything I am about to show you, it has been tested by me with roid rage!

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