ITP and GMOs

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and their impact on our health. In the months leading up to being diagnosed with ITP, I was eating an entirely organic diet. Since my disease was triggered by toxic chemical exposure, the food I was eating did little to keep ITP away. Now that I have a chronic illness, my choices in food have changed dramatically. Don’t let the hype from either side of the aisle sway you too much, just look at the basic facts. You never know if this could be making your disease worse!

Artificial food coloring is weird. Growing up I never remember anyone adding Yellow #5 or whatever into my food. I am interested to go and see how they make it. Why not food coloring? We used that in school and at home to dye cake batter or eggs for Easter. There are reports from both sides saying it is safe or toxic. Artificial food colors are banned in countries that seem to have great healthcare. I’m suggesting it is a good idea to avoid it, better to be safe than sorry!

Pesticides are bad, no ifs ands or buts! This hits close to home because of my past with unknowingly being poisoned with nasty chemicals and fumes. Bugs tear up plants. In South Florida we have a nasty white fly problem and I’ve seen them destroy my parents’ hedges. I just don’t feel comfortable eating fruits and vegetables that could have been treated with cancer-causing pesticides. This is where I deviate from the fear of GMOs. If we can design crops to be pest-resistant and it eliminates the need for pesticides, everyone wins.

Preservatives and processed sugar are a no-go. No matter what your chronic illness is, chances are your doctor is going to tell you that sugar is bad for you and processed foods can hurt you in the long run. Nothing beats a snack of fresh fruit and some organic peanut butter. Or perhaps you like some organic almonds and coconut water. The rule of shopping on the outskirts of the grocery store apply here. I try to avoid the middle aisles, and I’ve found that by doing so I feel better. This doesn’t mean you can’t cheat once in a while. Don’t make it a habit or a diet staple!

Refuse to be a science experiment. Do your research, eat foods that are minimally processed and limit your exposure to pesticides! 

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